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The Green Deal
Green Deal

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t the heart of the Government’s carbon reduction strategies is the “Green Deal plan”, an innovative financing mechanism that allows consumers to pay back the installation costs of energy saving measures through savings on their energy bills.

This means consumers can see the Green Deal charge alongside the reductions in energy use. The Green Deal is being designed with the aim of making it available for households as well as businesses.

This key piece of legislation is being launched on October 01st 2012, however, official Green Deal reports will not be avilable until January 2013.  Vibrant Energy Matters have already trained 50 employed Domestic Energy Assessors to carry out Green Deal Assessments. This will ensure they deliver assessments to government agreed standards backed up by the quality assurance and compliance mechanisms.

Vibrant Energy Matters is an approved Green Deal Advice Organisation. This was awarded by BSI and NES in November 2012 following a lengthy and stringent audit process. The company insists on exceptionally high levels of compliance and will continue to lead the way in terms of industry standards.

If you have any questions regarding the green deal please feel free to contact  our team of experts on 0845 0945 192.

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