Are You Ready for MEES Compliance?

The deadline is fast approaching, but Vibrant can help make sense of the MEES

The deadline for the start of the MEES regulations is fast approaching, and if you’re a landlord that has a property rated F or G on its Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) then you need to ensure that you take action.


From 1st April, if your property is rated F or G on an EPC, a new tenancy won’t be able to be legally started – and you can’t renew a tenancy on it either.  It’s all part of the government’s drive to try and raise the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock – which is currently the oldest and most polluting in Europe.

If you’re a landlord and are a bit nervous of how much this is all going to cost, then don’t worry as the scheme is set out to be cost neutral to the landlord.  In other words, if the work can’t be funded by the Green Deal – newly relaunched last year – or another public source, then the property is exempt from the MEES regulations altogether.  To put it another way, you could get some energy saving (and potentially value-enhancing) improvements made to your property without it costing you anything!  Watch our video below to find out more:

To help landlords work out where they stand, Vibrant have developed a MEES Compliance Report, which can be easily purchased online.  For just £45 + VAT, our experts will analyse the property’s EPC alongside the details of any work that you may have carried out, and then give one of three recommendations.  These will be –

Vibrant have made the process really simple for you – just click here to go to our dedicated portal, where you can buy your MEES Compliance Report online, or request a callback if you need further information.