Check In/Check Out

What is a check in and check out?

This two stage process is the start (check in) and end (check out) of a tenancy agreement.

The Check-in

All ingoing tenants should be present at the property for the check-in so that everything is agreed and signed in one go.

You should walk around the whole property, inside and outside with your tenant/s to make sure they agree with the inventory and condition of the property. You can also make sure the tenant is aware of what is expected of them during the tenancy.

Using a checklist is a good way to make sure you have covered everything at move in stage – our advice is to go through the checklist with the tenants making sure they understand and agree at every stage. Some of the important items are:

This is also the time to ask the tenant to review and sign up to the freshly prepared inventory.

The Check out

The check-out process is the final stage in the tenancy process and involves a report being produced of the condition of the property (and its contents) versus the inventory at the time of the tenant checking in.

It is vital that any missing contents, damage to the property, and lost keys (etc) are captured at this stage with photo/video evidence. A lack of substantial evidence will almost certainly result in a failed deposit clawback claim.

Meter readings should also be taken at the check-out stage.

The report is sent to the landlord and tenant for any comments and will be the primary document

(alongside the ingoing inventory) used to resolve any deposit disputes.

Who needs a Check-in and Check-out?

All tenants, landlords, and managing agents – for every tenancy.

We view both stages as essential in the landlord/tenant relationship – it is vital for both parties to document the condition of the property at entry and exit. Gaining agreement and a signature at check-in stage baselines the agreed state of the property to protect both parties.

Why use Vibrant for your Check-in and Check-out?

Experience – we are moving tenants in and out of let properties every day of the week. On average, we are checking in or out 4 tenants every hour.

Local knowledge – we have a staff member within 15 miles of every UK postcode, making us your local provider. This means we can help to provide new tenants with local knowledge and welcome them to their new area!

Speed – we have over 200 staff members waiting for your instruction, this means we can react very quickly to fast turnaround check ins (and outs).

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