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What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

An EPC is a rating given to a property to give the homeowner and potential buyers an indication of its energy efficiency.

The ratings are alphabetical, starting with an ‘A’ for the most energy efficient homes, dropping to the bottom rating of ‘G’ for the worse performing homes. The EPC will also give the homeowner guidelines (including estimates of cost) on how to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

Why use Vibrant for your EPC?

Vibrant is the leading supplier of EPCs to the residential sector, completing 1 in every 10 EPCs carried out in the UK, amounting to tens of thousands each year.

We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service, and work to deliver your EPC within 3 days from instruction.




When booking Vibrant to complete your EPC…

You’ll need to provide us with the full property address, as registered with Landmark.

And to ensure we provide you with the best service, we’ll also need the following preparatory information from you:


Has the property been built or converted in to residential within the last 10 years?

If yes: The property should already have a SAP EPC and therefore you won’t require another until the current EPC expires.


Has the property been extended or had a loft conversion to room-in-roof?

If yes: Our Assessor will need documentary evidence such a building control sign-off certificates.


Has any insulation been added to walls, floor or roof?

If yes: Is the insulation visible?

If not: Please note that insulation can only be included within the documentary evidence if guarantees, installation certificates, or building control sign-off certificates are presented as reference.


Can our Assessor access all areas including lofts, out-houses, and energy meters?

If not: These areas changes will affect the EPC rating and can only be included within the documentary evidence if guarantees or building control sign-off certificates are presented as reference.

Please note: No documentary evidence is required for meters, but it is particularly important to be able to identify dual tariff electricity meters.


If tenants and owners are still in residence, are there any pets at the property?

If yes: For Health & Safety reasons any pets need to be kept away from areas that the Assessor needs access to.


Is any part of the residential property used for commercial purposes?

If the residential area has its own access and there is a lockable door between the two areas, then an EPC is needed for each property.

If there’s no separate access or no lockable door, then one commercial EPC is needed.


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