Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries as either an existing client or potential client, please call us on 0845 0945 192 or email us on enquiries@vem.co.uk

How do we setup a credit account with you?

Please complete this form and send it to sales@vem.co.uk. The vast majority of accounts will be live within 24 hours.

What services do you offer?

Click here for a list of our services. We offer an outsourced service as well as software services (or a combination of both).

What if the service I require isn’t on your list?

We offer bespoke services (always to do with residential property) to many clients. Please contact our sales team on sales@vem.co.uk and they will be able to help you.

You seem a large company, do you deal with smaller, independent businesses?

YES! We have a diverse range of clients, ranging from one branch estate agents to the largest social housing providers in the UK. We give the same high level of service standards to all clients, regardless of size.

Please contact our sales team on 0845 0945 0192

How does the outsourced service work?

We believe in simplicity and flexibility! A brief summary of our ordering process is shown below.

1) You can instruct us using our online portal www.vlive.co.uk , or by calling our Scheduling Team on 0845 0945 192.
We can also setup an API with your current property management system to allow simple ordering from within your own setup.

2) Once you have instructed us we will call your homeowner/tenant to make the appointment with them. You will see the status of this (and the date/time of the appointment) on our online portal.

3) Our local Energy and Property Partner (“EPP”) will visit your homeowner/tenant and carry out the service.

4) The draft report will be sent from our local EPP to our Quality Assurance team for review. Once fully reviewed the report will be sent to you. This whole process takes less than 24 hours (i.e., from the appointment time to report completion).

5) We then invoice you for the service performed – we can invoice per transaction or send a monthly consolidated invoice.

How does the software service work?

All of our services are performed using electronic forms, i.e., our field based staff use electronic forms when onsite to carry out the report/assessment.

We have made these forms available for your use, and they come without a licence fee so you can simply pay per report.

We have two types of form:

1) Standard templates – we have developed standard templates for our whole list of services.

2)Bespoke templates – we can amend our standard templates or create brand new templates for your staff to use.

Both types of template can come in your branding (or branding of your choice). We can also multi brand the same report type (e.g., our Inventory template could be branded for each of your specific clients).

Contact sales@vem.co.uk for more information or speak to your Area Manager to start using our forms.

I don’t understand my EPC – how can I get help?

We have created a specific FAQ for EPC’s – please contact our Quality Assurance team on 0845 0945 192 or QA@vem.co.uk and they will send you a copy.

I’ve got a query on my report – how do I get help?

Please contact our Quality Assurance team on 0845 0945 192 or QA@vem.co.uk for help.

Do you use employed staff or freelance personnel?

The majority of our staff are employed. We do use trusted freelance staff for peaks in demand – they go through the same rigorous training process as employed staff members.

I am a freelance worker and would be interested in working with Vibrant – who do I contact?

Please register your interest using our online form and we will make contact with you.