Vibrant People

Focus on... Teresa Newman and Ingrid Humphreys

This month we catch up with our dynamic duo of Client Account Managers, Teresa Newman and Ingrid Humphreys.

Known by everyone – including themselves – as ‘the Rottweiler and the Terrier’, Teresa and Ingrid’s unique working relationship goes back many years, and several different companies. They first met working at Bass in the early 90s, their paths crossed again when Teresa brought Ingrid in to work with her at the recycling company she worked in, before they both ended up at Vibrant – Ingrid starting in 2010 and Teresa in 2012.

What makes your partnership special?
Teresa: We complement each other, we’re very different types of people but we fit together well.
Ingrid: We both have the same high standards, particularly when it comes to customer services. We might have different approaches to a situation, but the outcome always has to be customer-focused, and right first time.

How do you work best?
Teresa: Again we’re different – I like to juggle several projects at a time, whereas Ingrid prefers to focus on one thing at a time.
Ingrid: Also I am really hot on the detail, while Teresa sees the broader picture more.

What do you enjoy about working at Vibrant?
Both: The people, definitely
Teresa: Working for a smaller, less corporate company means that you can have a bigger impact on the business – what you do makes a difference.
Ingrid: You can voice your opinions and know that they’ll be taken on board – everyone’s voice is heard.

How do you think other people see you?
Both, in unison: The Rottweiler and the Terrier!
Ingrid: I think people respect us for our knowledge and experience. We’re totally focused on the client and their needs, and we’re well known for that outside the business as well as inside.
Teresa: People know that we’re always ready to help – we’re fixers and problem solvers and we always make sure things are followed through and completed properly.
Ingrid: We have seen a lot of changes at the company, but we’ve always worked well together and been able to get results. We have a great working relationship, we make each other laugh every day!