Why choose us?

Why Choose Vibrant?

Our business is totally focused on delighting our customers – feedback from them has focused us to deliver some key experiences.

Customer Service

As a provider of outsourced solutions we understand that we are an extension of your brand; looking after your customers is our highest priority.


Appointment Availability

We employ staff across the UK and have at least one staff member within 15 miles of every UK postcode.

Turnaround Times

We processed over 145,000 transactions in 2016 and our reports were sent back to clients within 1 working day over 90% of the time.

Range of Services

We have a wide of services on offer, enabling you to receive the same levels of service and a consistency in product – we also offer volume rebates for clients ordering multiple products.

Bespoke Reports

Our flexible software application means that you can amend reports to suit your needs – that’s for our outsourced services and for when you are using our software application.