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Five Property Habits To Build For A Sustainable Future

Sustainability matters more than ever and rather than developing ecologically-positive habits as a choice, at Vibrant we are aware that the habits of property owners and tenants carry significant weight in shaping the future of our planet. From the materials we choose for construction and repairs, to the energy sources we rely on, every decision has an effect on the environment.

Here, we’ll explore and offer insights and strategies on five property habits that can not only minimise our ecological footprint but also help pave the way for a more sustainable future. We’re focused on empowering a greener tomorrow, one property at a time.


Fix ‘Small Repairs’

Does a window have a draught or is there a leaky tap you keep meaning to sort out? These might not seem like pressing issues in the short term, but they have the potential to cause much more damage in the long run. Over time, small repairs can escalate, quickly turning into expensive disasters. A draughty window could be costing you hundreds in extra heating costs over the year, compared to the price of getting it fixed right away, and a leaky tap can not only cause you to spend more on your water bill but can also become a source of mould and can create a build-up of water in the pipes of a property.


Give Up Cutting Corners

Shelling out for a permanent fix can often be something we avoid, leading us to choose a cheaper, temporary fix that will only suffice in the short term. However, continuing to spend money on temporary solutions soon adds up and could end up costing you more than the permanent fix in the end.


Give Up Putting Off Your Annual Property Check Up

It’s important to be reactive when it comes to maintaining our homes. We notice something is broken, and then we fix it. However, the way to ensure we get the best out of our investment is to be proactive in the way we treat our homes. Preventative spending could save you from a lot of unexpected costs so make room in your budget to get your CO alarm tested and your boiler serviced yearly and you may notice a difference in your overall spending.


Don’t Forget to Test Your Smoke Alarm

This could be the difference between life and death. Our property services inspections incorporate a full check-up of important aspects of a home such as checking if a smoke alarm is working properly. Ensure your home is fully compliant and legal with our expert team of assessors.


Give up Hiring Poor Contractors


Before hiring a contractor to perform any repairs or installations to your home, be sure to shop around and get quotes as this will give you an accurate representation of how much the repair is likely to cost. You’ll also want to get some references for the contractor you do choose to employ, such as checking reviews on Trustpilot. Our team of surveyors and assessors are fully-trained, vetted and experienced in performing installations to the highest quality.


We are the UK’s leading property services company, trusted by property owners, estate agents, landlords, lenders, councils and corporate entities. It’s our job to make sure properties are fully compliant, giving you peace of mind and the rewards of a sustainable and safe home.

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