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The ultimate 'get-off-grid' how-to document

Reduce, or better yet, remove your energy bills with our step-by-step ‘get-off-grid’ guide. 

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What's included?

Expert Advice

We talk you through some of the benefits of going off grid and the impact this has on your home

Cost Breakdown

We provide a financial breakdown for the purchase and installation of recommended works

Government Grants

We provide guidance on the discounts available using Government grant funding

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How it works...

Step 1

Book a Vibrant Home Energy Assessment to understand how much you could save on your energy bills

Step 2

Vibrant will work to find you the most cost effective way to reduce your energy bills along with identifying suitable Government grants.

Step 3

Installation works will take place to upgrade your home and take you off-grid.

Step 4

Enjoy the savings made from the installation works, possibly removing your energy bills all together.

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