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Reducing energy bills by installing energy efficient products

We conduct an in-home assessment

We'll help you find grants to cover the cost of upgrade and installation work

We'll advise on the best products and install them in your property

FREE EPC Report worth £70

Schedule your assessment

Reach out to Vibrant to schedule your comprehensive Energy Saving Audit.

Expert evaluation

Our accredited professionals conduct a detailed assessment of your property’s energy performance.

Get your energy report

Receive a detailed home energy report, including your property's energy efficiency rating and tailored improvement recommendations.

Seamless implementation

Vibrant manages the implementation of the recommended energy-saving measures for your property.

Quality assurance

After installation, we conduct a review to ensure improvements meet standards and reassess your property’s energy performance.

Boost your property value

The increased energy efficiency of your property not only saves costs but also boosts its market value.

Continuous improvement

Vibrant offers ongoing advice and support to maintain and further improve your property’s energy efficiency.

How it works

Working with Vibrant couldn't be easier. We've made the whole process simple and cost effective. Our expert team will help you reduce your property's carbon footprint while increasing your property value and reducing your bills.

Why choose us

Totally independent advice – we assess, advise, and project manage for you, free of any attachment to certain products or suppliers

Expertise – we are the UKs largest and independent energy efficiency assessment business

Breadth of expertise – we cover ALL energy efficiency upgrades, from simple low cost options to full solar and heat pump installations

Experts in getting clients access to grants and funds

Save money, book your energy saving audit today

Our latest energy saving tips

We’re a trusted property partner to the UK’s leading brands

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