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Reducing fire and health risks

Unsafe appliances and faulty electrical systems can pose serious hazards, including gas leaks, fires, and even explosions, which are often undetectable without proactive measures.

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Risk Assessments

Ensuring the safety of your property is not just a responsibility—it's a necessity. Hidden dangers such as unsafe appliances, faulty electrical wiring, and contaminated water systems can pose serious risks, including gas leaks, fires, explosions, and the spread of harmful bacteria like Legionella.


At Vibrant, we understand the critical importance of identifying and mitigating these risks before they become hazardous. Our comprehensive risk assessments, including fire risk and legionella health evaluations, are designed to protect not only your property but also those who inhabit or visit it.


Stay proactive about safety and ensure your property meets all regulatory compliance standards with our expert risk assessment services.


Legionella bacteria, responsible for the potentially fatal respiratory condition known as Legionnaires' disease, pose a silent but significant health threat in residential properties. You can read more about our Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA) here.

Why use Vibrant?

Our Legionella and Fire Risk Assessors are highly trained and undergo regular, comprehensive compliancy checks meeting the required Health and Safety Executive’s standards. Our Assessors are located within 15 miles of each postcode across the UK, providing risk reports within 48 hours. Now that’s efficient.

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